Eliza has something that most people in the industry wish they had, which is an instantly recognizable voice. Literally, in 5 seconds, I knew that.” - Michael Laskow

— Founder & CEO - TAXI

Eliza Toth’s powerhouse vocals and soulful rock prowess has her drawing comparisons to the likes of Grace Slick, Ann Wilson (of Heart), and Alanis Morissette. Her drive to perform and to connect with audiences has been at the forefront of her music career, singing on many bucket-list level stages in recent years. Eliza is now ready to trailblaze as a solo artist and has channeled her artist’s spirit into her debut album, Oak. A rip-roaring rocker while still being grounded and full of soul, Oak lives up to its namesake. It stands tall, solid, and strong, firmly rooted in hearty Midwestern soil.

Eliza has a larger than life voice.” - JJ Fabini

— 96.3 XKE